Our Vision

aeptis Vision

Our Vision

Create tailor-made solutions for marketing materials, personal protective equipment and specific products for multinational enterprises which outsource the management of product procurement in order to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

The wealth of aeptis’s management skills and experience allows for handling the complete supply chain from design to logistics in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner.

MRM - Marketing Retail Management

aeptis will make sure that your campaign ideas translate into marketing materials with an exciting design, top quality, an appropriate price, and delivered where and when you need them in the most efficient way.

SIS - Sustainable Innovative Solutions

aeptis makes sure that our partners who want to take on the noble task of preserving our planet and reducing their carbon footprint, can have alternative sustainable materials and solutions at a competitive price.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

For over 6 years, we have leveraged our sourcing capacities and supply chain networks to deliver PPE to the pharmaceutical industry. Since January 2020, we have helped a countless number of government entities in 19 countries across 4 continents to procure PPE to aid the frontline heroes who are working hard to keep our lives going during this Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

SCM - Supply Chain Management

With the experience in managing global supply chains of diverse products spanning over a decade, aeptis has developed unique processes and procedures to optimize supply chains. This knowledge of supply chain optimization allows us to develop tailor-made solutions in order to procure an unlimited variety of products worldwide in order to fulfil specific needs of our international partners.