Vinyl Gloves

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*Regardless of your country of destination, aeptis supplies certified gloves directly from the manufacturers, with some of which we run our own production lines.


Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for the food industry and situations where high levels of durability and protection are less of a priority. Vinyl gloves are composed of PVC, a petroleum-based film. While they may be less durable, they are the less expensive option. The main weaknesses of vinyl gloves are that they can be easily structurally compromised or torn when stretched and have a negative environmental impact.

Features include:

Being latex-free
Having a looser fit
Being good for short-term, low-risk tasks
Being the most economic option
Having anti-static properties
Being best for use with non-hazardous materials
Being lightly powdered to make it easier to put on

aeptis supplies a wide range of Vinyl gloves with different specifications catered to your particular needs.