3Ply Masks


*Regardless of your country of destination, aeptis supplies a wide range of certified 3-Ply masks directly from the manufacturers, with some of which we run our own production lines.


Although all kinds of face masks can be procured, aeptis mostly supplies Type IIR medical face masks which provide the highest level of filtration.

In the US, Surgical masks are cleared for use as medical devices by the FDA, and are designed to be worn by healthcare professionals during surgical procedures.

Type IIR face masks EN14683 are medical face masks made up of a 4-ply construction that prevents large particles from reaching the patient or working surfaces. Type IIR Face masks include a splash resistant layer to protect against blood and other bodily fluids. Type IIR face masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (inside to outside) and consider the efficiency of bacterial filtration.

Characteristics of Type IIR face masks include:

Pleat style with ear loops or ties
Protective four-layer design
Availability in a variety of colors and styles
Having a splash resistant layer to block bodily fluids.